Leaving Me hanging

I feel like this illness is a never ending awkward joke without a punchline.

So I had my follow up after all the scans and tests and bullshit. First off, I opted to see a doctor sooner than later, so I saw the doctors assistant. He’s a doctor. Secondly, I wish they wouldn’t call him that, it makes me feel like I’m seeing a secretary but whatever.

Because he isn’t the big boss doctor, he wasn’t comfortable talking about the form of MS I have. He also said they usually like to wait several years before trying to definitively decide the type.


The conclusion was that my scans and spinal tests both show positive signs of MS. He explained it as either one test gives them a like, 75% confidence in saying MS but the two together is a sure thing.

So, then he asks about symptoms and symptom management plans. Here is where I differ from many.

I dont want to treat my symptoms now. They’re definitely not comfortable. If there was a safe way to really effectively treat the fatigue short of meth, I’d use that one.

But all the other things are manageable, so taking 15 meds daily seems counter productive.

Now, the SUPER fun part.

When we all started this process they did a million blood tests to rule EVERYTHING out. So apparently my first test was in an almost positive range, and my second was in a, hey go to this other doctor range.

So now after looking at all the other test results, my symptoms, and all the other medical junk, my neurologist thinks I may have Lupus also.

I think I’ve mentioned my doctor had already sent out a referral to the R doctor I can’t pronounce. For whatever reason the two doctors are having issues talking to each other so that hasn’t happened yet.

So life is like, go to the doctor, get the word on YES it is 100% MS, but here’s a new cliff hanger for ya BISHHHH.

BUT… I did some self care stuff I totally couldn’t afford and I have been doing better with my makeup goals. So that is a good point.

I did a look for World MS day

And a look for Pride Month 🌈(pardon my RBF)

New goals coming soon as I need to manage my symptoms via LIFESTYLE CHANGES. I hate change. I don’t like this. But I have to try right?

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